dBase Resourse File Error ???

dBase Resourse File Error ???

Post by Peter Cormi » Wed, 10 Feb 1993 01:30:24

While trying to run dBase IV 1.5 from inside Windows I recieved the
following message. Can anyone please tell me what this message means ?

Resourse File Error.: dbase1.res
*** dBase IV initialization error

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Is there an easy way to read dBASE III files into VB?.
I have a dBASE III+ file called mcwefile with four fields
examname  40 characters
examid 6 characters
correctans 50 characters
nq 2 characters

there are five records in the file. When I use the opendatabase
procedure i get some of the fileds but the rest is garbage.

has anyone had a similar problem reading dBASEIII files to VB and
has anyone worked out a simple procedure for accomplishing this task

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