Postgres Version 1.3 Now Available

Postgres Version 1.3 Now Available

Post by Greg Kemni » Sun, 04 Mar 1990 16:44:17

The newest version of the Postgres DBMS is now available for anonymous
FTP from (i-net address  The newest
version features several new ports and better portability in general.  Ports
in the distribution include well-tested ports for DECstation 3100's running
Ultrix 2.7 and Sun 3's running SunOS 3.5.  Other ports in the distribution
include a SunOS 4.0 port for Sun 3's, a Sparcstation port, and a Sequent
Symmetry port.

Improvements over Version 1.2 include better locking, some fixes to
the access methods, and better installation procedures.  Additionally,
non-portable code has been reduced to a minimum.

To get Postgres:

1.  Run FTP to or
2.  Log in as "anonymous"
3.  Type your login ID as password
4.  cd into the /pub directory
5.  Get
6.  Set BINARY transfer mode
7.  Get postgres-v1r3.tar.Z

The compressed tar file is about 2.5 Megs.  When compiled, the Postgres tree
is around 45 megabytes.

Instructions on how to order Postgres if you do not have FTP access will be
posted early next week.

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