Developing Add-In Views for Express Web Agent

Developing Add-In Views for Express Web Agent

Post by Christian Weinberge » Thu, 27 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi Group
Has anybody out there experience in developing add-in views for the
Oracle Express Web Agent.
My current problem is, that Oracle does not provide a summary line in
the HTML table view.
So I thougt about writing my own TOHTML-code to generate the table
*with* a summary line.

- Has anybody already done the job? Is such an add-in view available?
- Are there any known bugs with Web Agent 1.21 which will affect the
developement of add-in views?
- Does Oracle plan to provide this feature (summary line) in one of the
next releases?
- How close is the sample code (sample 1) of the "Guide to Add-In Views"
to the most recent version of
  the TOHTML-code for the table view?

Thanks for any hints in advance
Christian Weinberger


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active ie I CAN select different pages (Express pages) of data , but i
CANNOT do the same with the first table. I mean when i select another page
on the drop down list of the Page Edge, the first table does not respond to
my selection.
 Has annyone come accross similar problem please let me know....and also if
you have worked out a solution ? I have tried to "get the object handle "
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