Btrieve app to SQL Server

Btrieve app to SQL Server

Post by bluntma.. » Tue, 15 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I'm converting an old btrieve application to a web based app using

I do not have the source code for that btrieve app, and so I have to
figure out what does the app do in the btrieve tables.

Is there a "log tool" on Pervasive SQL to be able to see what tables
and what fields have been access or change during a certain period of
time ?


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I want to run this from a remote workstation that dials into a win 2000
terminal server to access the Dos/ Btrieve app.
All that works fine except the dos app.

Are there Any settings in win 2k that will let the app run right
or do i need to go with a new btrieve engin?


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