Wyse60 as ANSI in Oracle, Wyse60/75 CRT file

Wyse60 as ANSI in Oracle, Wyse60/75 CRT file

Post by Nirad Shar » Tue, 09 Oct 1990 18:16:05

I recently purchased a Wyse60 terminal to use as an ANSI emulation terminal
for use with Oracle. From what I understand from the documentation, it
should be set up in Wyse75 emulation to get ANSI capabilities.

The result ->
it works perfectly with vi and other such simple screen utilities but when
Oracle (eg sqlforms) is started up instead of lines I get F's G's and others
(I forget exactly). These characters I get are the same as what I get when
I run an ANSI session with Oracle on a VT100. (clue)
As well, none of the function keys (F1-F10, End, PgUp, etc) are defined
correctly (ANSI).

I have a strong feeling that I have missed some major steps as this appears to
be a very high quality terminal and I have heard good reports about it.
If this can't be solved I would be happy to run this Wyse60 as a Wyse60 or, if
it is better, a Wyse75. I have the appropriate TERMCAP entries but no CRT
files for either for use with Oracle. If anyone has CRT entries for either the
Wyse60, Wyse75 or VT320 (I will be needing this) could they please send me a

Thanks for any help.

Continuing Education Unit
The University of Queensland


1. WYSE60 working PROPERLY with Oracle (SQLFORMS)

I posted a while ago asking with the proper WYSE60 CRT file for use with
Oracle (V5, SQLFORMS 2.0.21, SCO Xenix 2.3.2). The file I received seemed
to be more or less right but I noticed that :

1       when EXEQRY (F2) or other certain keys were pressed they automatically
          gave a CR as well, thus clearing the status messages. I edited the CRT
          file and removed this.

2       the 0 key on the main keyword does not display a 0 but takes the next
          few keys as garbage. Note that when not in sqlforms the 0 key works
          fine eg in csh.

3       if I start typing during a screen draw the terminal will often start to
          behave in a crazy manner as if I had pressed all sorts of stray keys.

4       I set the terminal up as a 25-line terminal but every time I exit
          from SQLFORMS the terminal is reset to 24 line mode.

1,2 & 4 sound like CRT problems. 3 & 4 seems like a terminal setup and/or line
synchronization problem. Given this, could someone please send me the CRT
file that they actually use for a WYSE60 working with SQLFORMS as well as the
relevant terminal setup information. I am pretty well lost.

Thanks for any help.

Continuing Education Unit
The University of Queensland

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