Resource Deadlock

Resource Deadlock

Post by Jeffrey Ho » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I keep getting the following errors in my error log:

      ::[3263            , 0076A880]: Tue Nov 28 14:44:48 1995
      E_DM0042_DEADLOCK Resource deadlock.
      ::[3263            , 0076A880]: Tue Nov 28 14:44:48 1995
      E_QE002A_DEADLOCK Deadlock detected.
      ::[3263            , 006F4880]: Tue Nov 28 14:44:50 1995
      E_DM9045_TABLE_DEADLOCK  Deadlock encountered locking table
      TABLE_ID (558,0) in database crops with mode 2.

Here are my locking parameters:

!The number of log buffers in the memory : 4
!The maximum number of transactions in the logging system : 108
!The maximum number of databases in the logging system: 14
!The maximum consistency point interval for invoking archiver : 1
!The block size of the log file : 8 Kbytes
!The log-full-limit in percentage : 95
!The percentage of log file for each consistency point : 5
!The force-abort-limit in percentage : 80
!The size of the lock hash table : 13001
!The size of the resource hash table : 13001
!The maximum number of locks in the locking system : 65000
!The maximum number of lock lists in the locking system : 108
!The maximum number of locks allowed per transaction : 500

First of all: What is a resource deadlock?  Second, what do I need to tune
in order to make this go away?  Is it the size of the DMF Cache or what?


Jeff Horn



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Hi folks,

we have a problem with one database table:
- many escalations from page level lock to table level lock
---> finally error message "resource deadlock"

it is always the same table which is very frequently inserted / updated /

Would it be a solution to explicitely use table locking for that table?

If yes, how can this be done? ingsetenv ING_SET... ?

Gerhard Hofmann

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