I don't know about anybody else....

I don't know about anybody else....

Post by Mark Manning/Metri » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 01:32:38

But I thought these "programmer needed/wanted/sought" messages are
not supposed to be posted here.  Aren't they supposed to be in
jobs.offered or something?

It isn't like I don't mind seeing them every once in a while, but
their frequency is increasing and they detract from the purpose of the
group (ie:People posting requests for help and people posting

If you feel the same way, how about sending some e-mail to the head
hunters letting them know this?  Nicely though.  They probably do not
know that a lot of people feel this way. :)


was just a lad of ten.  My father said to me.... Come here and take a
lesson from...the lovely lemon tree." Peter, Paul, and Mary.


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Hi All,
I need to write a select statement that will select columns from a table
based on the column order.
For instance:
If I had a table called (MyTable) and it had 3 fields call MyField1,
MyField2 and MyField3
I would like to write a select statement the selects the data from MyField3
with a select statement like this:

I need to do this because I do not have the name of the field at run time
but I will know the position of the column in the table.

Thanks, John

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