SET FILTER (VFP) - Works on NT, not on 95

SET FILTER (VFP) - Works on NT, not on 95

Post by Randy Palme » Sat, 05 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I developed an application in Visual FoxPro 3.0 under Windows NT 4.0 beta2.
The app works fine under NT, but when I test on a machine with Windows 95
it does not work.  It is possible I have some setting wrong on the 2nd

Anyway here is the setup:
I have a form with a combo box that is used to filter the data displayed
in a grid on the same form.  In the combo box InteractiveChange event I
have the following code (which I got off the Microsoft KB):
    ThisForm.FilterBatchNbr = This.Value
    SET FILTER TO cBatchNbr = ThisForm.FilterBatchNbr
    GO TOP

Both machines are accessing the same data files on the network.  
Currently there are three batchs ('000001', '000002', '000003').

The NT machine works perfectly.  For each batch I select the associated
data is displayed in the grid.

On the 95 machine, if I select batch '000001', then I see the correct data in
the grid.  If I select any other batch then NO data is displayed in the

I have used the debug window and confirmed that the correct value is being
placed into the FilterBatchNbr.

Does anyone have any ideas on this or seen anything simular??

Thanks in advance
Randy Palmer
Denver CO USA


SET FILTER (VFP) - Works on NT, not on 95

Post by Randy Palme » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Well nothing like a lot of testing and a call to Microsoft to find the problem.

Turns out on the Windows 95 machine the Grid had located a copy of the table
on the hard drive which only contained the first batch.  I had to removed the
tables off the hard drive, then modify the screen's data environment and delete
and add back the tables.

I asked Microsoft how this would work if the tables got moved on the network.  
Obviously the users can not go into the screen's data environment.

Micorsoft pointed me to an article: Q128996 which is suppose to have a concept
on how to generically locate data sources.  I am just printing that now so don't
know how much help it will be.

Anyway, sorry to have bothered everyone.  But hopefully someone with the same problem,
either now or in the future, will have this knowledge in some back corner of their
mind and it will help them.

Thanks with you next time....
Randy Palmer
Denver CO USA


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