Looking for information

Looking for information

Post by William Da » Sat, 21 Mar 1992 10:13:23

If any of you have response to these questions, please send a note
to either Margaret and/or myself.  I will compile the responses and
send them to the group.    Thanks,  --Bill

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I am especially interested right now in getting some specifics and
some generl info on high speed communications.

   -What is the current and projected market for high speed modems?

   -What products are coming out for the high speed market--routers, bridges,
   [CLANS, net management tools?

   -What is the current and near future state of distributed databases?

   -What tools provide more than keyword search on distributed and even multi-
   platform DSs  (like WAIS, or VErity)

   -What markets need high speed connectivity the most?

 Any info you find would be helpful.


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1. looking for information about mySQL to talk with MS Access

I have a computer science project to develop a Scheduling tool and I
need to have php receive data from an MS Access file.  In order to do
this my group believes the best way is going to be using mySQL.
Our teacher has given us 0 resources so my group is using our own PCs
to set up the tool, meaning I am running this on Win98 and Apache
I know I cant get a full run down here of how to get php talking to
mySQL talking to MS Access...but can anyone give advice about web
pages where I could find information about this?



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