Problems printing graph from FPW2.6

Problems printing graph from FPW2.6

Post by stephen hammo » Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm having trouble printing a graph using MSgraph and FPW2.6.
I created a graph using the wizards supplied with FPW2.6 and am able

... SAY. Documentation I obtained from Microsoft says I should be able

'set device to printer' command first. When I try to print the graph I
get an 'opening printer' dialogue and the print manager shows the
'file' in the print queue, but nothing is printed. I am able to print
reports etc reliably, so can anyone tell me where I am going wrong

stephen hammond ~:0)


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I'm using FPW 2.5b under Windows 95 and have problems with
Microsoft Graph. It displays the required diagrams, the coordinates
are correctly labeled, but it seems to assume all data received
to be zero, i.e. the length of all displayed bars is zero and the
slices of the pie-chart are labeled 0%. However, all data seem
to be passed correctly to MSGraph as the datasheet window shows
correct values.
This problem appears only on one of our computers. Reinstallation
didn't help. The same copy of the FoxPro installed temporarily
on another machine works ok, and there aren't any problems with
the charts.

I'll appreciate any help.

- Piotr

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