Purging DBevents ??

Purging DBevents ??

Post by Rajendra Jamadag » Fri, 02 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hi netters,

        I need some advise on purging queued up dbevents through esql.

        The scene is as follows.
        1. I raise an event which is equivalent of AYT(Are You There?).
        2. all clients which are awake, answer by raising another dbevent.
        3. I collect these events and do some processing as i receive them.
        4. event raised in point(1) is periodic. So after certain time
                i raise another event as in point(1), and if there are still
                some replies pending which were generated from previous one,
                i need to purge them.
                (i guess this statement is not very clear.but i hope u can
                make out what i want....sorry for that)

        "remove dbevent" statement removes registration only, the events
        received before "remove dbevent..." command are queued and can
        be accessed thru "get dbevent..".

        I don't want this, before i do a "get dbevent..." i must be
        sure that all events generated by previous AYT call are purged
        and i process only fresh replies.

        basically i am looking for something like "purgedbevent" as in w4gl.

        any pointers ..????


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