Data Mining

Data Mining

Post by Filipe Almeid » Thu, 03 May 2001 23:02:53

Anyone is working with data Mining techniques with a database?? We have some
newsgroups who talks about that???


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1. Data mining using SQL server,problems with Data mining model wizard

I am trying to make a (data mining) association rule
mining software (applying it to a supermarkets database)
I had a few questions and was hoping that someone could
help me regarding SQL server:

1. I have seem to have downloaded all the programs
necessary to run and create the mining model but am facing
problems: Where am i to SAVE all these downloads that i
need to run my association rule software with? in one
folder? in the C:PROGRAM FILES FOLDER? or should i make a
separate folder for them all? downloads include MDAC 2.7,
angoss visualization tools etc...

2. What PROVIDERS are necessary to run an association rule
mining program? The error i keep getting when i use SQL
server 2000 (using DTS and angoss visualization tools, ole
db) is "LOOK FOR MSDMine..." where can i find it so i can
download it? what are the default providers that you get

3. When I try to create a MINING MODEL using the data
mining model wizard (SQL SERVER) and the Data Transmission
Package, i DO NOT get a list of the possible databases
that i can use (even though they are present and i can
manipulate them in the analysis manager), and i DO NOT get
a list of possible data mining algortihms to choose
from... one of the solutions for this problem on the
internet was to download microsoft SP 2, but it did not
work. any suggestions?

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