DBA position opening

DBA position opening

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                              Position Title

Database Administrator

                                 Reports To

Director of Communication & Information Services

                              Basic Function

Working in a team and workgroup environment, effectively apply in-depth knowledge of database technologies and the content and use of SPIE databases toward the solution of business problems and creation of products and services that further the Society1s mission, goals, and objectives.  Train and assist other staff in these technologies toward the same objective.

Effectively apply in-depth knowledge of database technologies to ensure the continuing reliability and validity of the information represented within the Society1s databases.

                  Responsibilities, Duties, and Authority

Participate, as a leader and/or member of various teams, in the short and long range maintenance and development of the Society1s database assets.

                  As the leader of the CIS/I Database Team:

Analyze organizational needs and requests for database changes, enhancements, bug fixes, etc.; define priority and implementation plan for appropriate database changes.

Design, implement, and maintain necessary reports, scripts, commands, etc.

Evaluate processes and queries to ensure proper performance of databases; use appropriate tools such as query execution plans, locking and logging statistics, optimization statistics, etc. as needed.

Create and maintain various database objects such as tables, indexes, views, permits, etc. to implement changes, maintain performance, maintain database security, and facilitate recovery of databases in case of disaster.

Report to staff and managers on the short and long-term status of the databases.

Participate in analysis and implementation of database software upgrades.

Maintain level of knowledge of system and network features as those effect the databases and the use of those databases.

Manage the development database environments.

Verify validity of database documentation; e.g. on-line and hard-copy help files.

Resolve database problems as they arise; create procedures and processes to minimize database problems.

            As the leader of the interdepartmental database teams
                     (e.g. standards, database managers):

Set standards for data-entry; verify maintenance of standards.

Train and support staff in database functionality and use; recommend additional resources as needed to improve effectiveness of staff in use of database assets.

Provide technical expertise in database, operating, and network systems.

Represent the CIS1s departmental database needs to the team.

Act as liaison between these teams and the CIS teams.

Coordinate and correlate information, requests for database changes, etc. to ensure that (1) proposed changes for any one department are consistent with the needs of other departments which might share the functionality, and (2) the information is effectively presented to the CIS department for prioritization and implementation of the changes.

                        Essential Qualifications


BS or BA in applicable field (or relevant experience)


5 years analyzing and developing applications in a multi-user, relational     database environment

Experience in a publications environment, and with accounting applications desirable

Experience with Ingres, VMS, and client/server development desirable


Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

Excellent *and written language abilities

Ability to manage large, multiple, complex projects requiring research and    analyis

Ability to work in workstation (PC, Mac) environment

Consensus builder.


Apply directly to SPIE at P.O. Box 10, Bellingham, WA 98227-0010;
attention Mary Nichols.  Please do not respond via e-mail.


Al Gill, Senior Systems Analyst
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
P.O. Box 10
Bellingham, WA 98227-0010
phone: 360.676.3290     fax: 360.647.1445


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There is a Senior MS SQL Server DBA position open in Alexandria, VA..
Applicants must have three years of experience and
must have extreme skills (don't bother applying if you are mediocre
because you will get destroyed in the technical interview). We have
over 100 ms
sql servers, 1000 databases, and manage many terabyte databases, and
we are growing; hence if you are slacker do not consider this job. The
environment is young, intense, and competitive. If you don't work
hard, smart,
and long hours you will not succeed in this environment. If you are a
DBA with 10-20 years experience and think past
achievements will substitute for hard work, think again, this is not a
banking or government job; you will be ask to stand
 and deliver every minute of every day. This a 24X7 operation and you
will be required to be oncall, when you are oncall
you will not be able to leave town, get drunk, etc., i.e. you must be
available 24X7.

The candidates our HR has presented to us in the past were so weak the
we (DBA group) have taken upon ourselves to find
the player who has the game to play on our team. If you have the

We will review the resume and sent it to our HR if we think you have
the talent.

PS. Our company will not pay for relocation. The candidate will be
required to have an in person technical interview
and travel to the interview will not be paid for.


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