Paradox SE, Paradox 3/3.5 Paradox Engine

Paradox SE, Paradox 3/3.5 Paradox Engine

Post by Bahaaddin Ahra » Fri, 17 Jan 1992 22:05:15

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Subject: Re: Paradox 3.5 vs SE vs Engine

Organization: Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Paradox SE is basically an identical copy of Paradox 3.0, which
means you get also full use of the powerful PAL (Paradox Application Language).
The main differences are :

- you don't get the real Borland manuals (you get a third party Paradox book).
-you don't get the Personal Programmer (which is not that useful anyway)
- Borland won't answer your questions about PAL.

There is very little difference on the outside between 3.0 and 3.5. The
improvements have mainly to do with memory usage, so 3.5 can make
better use of your 386 machines. I have found Paradox 3.0 (and hence SE)
powerful enough for all my database applications.

The Paradox Engine is not shipped with any Paradox version. It is a set
of C (also available in Turbo Pascal) functions which allows you
to manipulate Paradox tables in many ways. Its use requires practice, and
is only recommended when you need to use a language other than PAL or are
doing some low-level stuff.


1. Paradox 3.5 vs SE vs Engine

I'm looking at purchasing a database (together with a new system :-)
and I was wondering what I lost by purchasing Paradox SE instead of
Paradox 3.5.

Also, what is the Paradox Engine?  Is it included in Paradox 3.5?

BTW, I will be using this as a supplement to a graduate database course
this semester, so I'll need to retain relational capacity.

Bear Giles

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