VB ODBC updata

VB ODBC updata

Post by Da » Tue, 21 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Trying to update a database through a system DSN using:

    Dim wrkspace As Workspace
    Dim dbsSnap As Connection
    Dim rstTemp As Recordset

    Set wrkspace = CreateWorkspace("ODBCWorkspace", "admin", "",

    Set dbsSnap = wrkspace.OpenConnection("snapDB", _
        dbDriverCompleteRequired, False, _

   Set rstTemp = dbsSnap.OpenRecordset("info", dbOpenDynamic,

    MsgBox (rstTemp.RecordCount)

    MsgBox (rstTemp.Updatable)   'gives false, want true

    rstTemp.Edit  'error on this line (database is read-only)
    rstTemp!output1 = "myOutput"
    rstTemp.Bookmark = rstTemp.LastModified


End Sub

The database was set up to be not read-only.  I can't seem to figure
out why I can only read the data.  In the docs it said something about
indexing your table, I indexed it with an autonumber in access but
that made no difference.  I'm thinking that maybe I have to index it
in VB  somehow?

Please let me know if you have any knowledge on this, I'm sure it's
some small thing somewhere.


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