VFP, ODBC or Oracle

VFP, ODBC or Oracle

Post by Georg » Wed, 06 May 1998 04:00:00

I am using VFP 5 and and an Oracle ODBC driver to connect to an Oracle 8
When I open remote views, I find several SQLCANCEL() calls in the ODBC
trace file. All of my remote views use connections with ASYNCHRONOUS
property set to false.
If SQLCANCEL() is supposed to be called only when using Asynchronous
connections, then
why is this happening when the connection is not asynchronous?

Anybody have any ideas???

Thanks in advance



1. Help: VFP ODBC to Oracle 6

I am trying to connect to Oracle6 server from my VFP application
under Windows 95, but it does not work.
It was OK when I was using Windows3.11 and 16 bit ODBC,
but since upgrade to Win95, 32 bit Visigenic ODBC driver for Oracle
stopped working.
Now I've got the latest SQL*Net for Win95 (
and Oracle 7 ODBC driver ( I can get as far as user
name and password for Oracle, but then it gives me an error.
I suspect, it is due to uncompatability of Oracle 7 ODBC driver
with Oracle 6 server.

Has anyone acutally done 32bit ODBC connectivity from Win 95 to Oracle6?

Your help will be much appreciated.

P.S. sorry for my Englih :)

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