BITON library - Clipper to Oracle link

BITON library - Clipper to Oracle link

Post by John Borche » Wed, 10 Jun 1992 02:08:43

BITON is a function library that allows Clipper 87 & 5.0 to access an Oracle
database on any platform - basically enabling Clipper developers to create
client-server programs.  I am considering purchasing this 400.00 sterling
library ( it's made in the UK - I guess that means about $800 or so ) to allow
me to access an Oracle database on Oracle Server for Netware.

I spoke with Peter Colcough, the developer of the product, and he said that
sample code on using TBROWSE to directly access an Oracle database is included,
along with other sample code, norton guide docs, etc.  In case someone wants to
get a hold of the company:

41 Burnham Road
St. Albans, Herts AL1 4QN, UK
(44)(0) 727-50658   Fax (44)(0) 727-830111
CompuServe (100012,600)

By leaving a message on compuserve, you receive some good specs.  Again, anyone
that has actually used the product, please comment on the pros and cons of the
library.  Also, how is the response time in a client-server environment?

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Gunnar Taraldsen
NTH, Norway

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