frame-field frame-file

frame-field frame-file

Post by Steven D. Brewe » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Is there a way I can get frame-field and frame-file in the "entry" UI
It is always reportin the last field that the cursor was at.  All other
events give me the correct values.  ( I am trying to 1) skip certain
fields based on user programmed database and fill 2) in default values
that are user programmed.  I am using V73E.  I have tried using ' apply
"entry" to self' , but it makes it impossible to enter data into the
first field.

Here is a very simple example.

def var field-name as char.
def var b1 as char.
def var b2 as char.
form field-name format "X(20)"
     with frame f-status.
form b1 b2 with frame ftd.
on entry anywhere do:

update b1 b2 with frame ftd.

Thanks in advance.


frame-field frame-file

Post by Geoff Crawfo » Sat, 03 Oct 1998 04:00:00

>def var field-name as char.
>def var b1 as char.
>def var b2 as char.
>form field-name format "X(20)"
>     with frame f-status.
>form b1 b2 with frame ftd.
>on entry anywhere do:

>update b1 b2 with frame ftd.

This is an extremely hazardous way of working.  You are mixing
procedural code (UPDATE) with evend driven. (ON ENTRY)
You must not do this.  You are also using out date methodologies

SELF handle and set it's SCREEN-VALUE.


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