INGRES Installation Disk Configuration

INGRES Installation Disk Configuration

Post by Lisa Shar » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I am hoping there is someone out there that can help because I have not found mu
ch documentation for configuring a server installation.  My company is planning
to take our current configuration of multiple smaller machines (for 4-20 users),
 each with a single INGRES v6.4 database to a larger server machine (for 200+ us
ers).  I now have to come up with the installation disk configuration.  I will b
e planning multiple disks (the OS on one disk and INGRES on three or more disks)
, however, I am not sure how to set up the several (not certain at this time of
the exact number) production databases that will be running on this machine. I w
as wondering if anyone had any insight on what would be better for performance i
n the example of 4 production databases each about 1.5GB in size on one machine:
 a separate disk for each of the 4 databases OR spread the 4 databases across 4
disks OR any other suggestions?.

Thank you,

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1. sql 2000 disk configuration for new installation

I have a server with a raid 10 disk array with 136 GB of drive space and 30
GB of NAS available .  The OS is currently on a 4gb C: partition.
The SQL 2000 DB I intend to move to it is roughly 700mb.  The log file gets
to about 50mb daily.

So as I understand it, by making seperate logical drives for the .mdf and
.ldf  files I will get enhanced performance.  I would like to keep two weeks
(m-f) worth of complete backups on a seperate logical drive and two weeks of
log files.   What would be the best way to structure the logical drives?????
I have speculated the following might work well.  Thank you.

C: 4 GB - OS

D: 12 GB - Program Files & Misc.

E: 25 GB -- .MDF file (data)

F: 15 GB -- .LDF file (log)

G: 48 GB -- .MDF backups

H: 32 GB -- .LDF backups

NAS: 30 GB -- .MDF BACKUPS (beyond two weeks)

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