Empty grid and APPEND BLANK problem

Empty grid and APPEND BLANK problem

Post by Bernard Fal » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have designed a screen that uses a grid in order to browse and edit two
tables that have a one-to-many relationship.  The grid displays existing
child records just fine.  It also correctly enables the next available
row for entry when I programmatically APPEND BLANK - as long as there is
at least one existing record already in the grid.  However, if the
grid is empty (i.e. there are no existing child records related to the
parent record in the rest of the form) and I (via a command button)

cRecordNumber = [Parent].cRecordNumber  * one-to-many relationship link.

I can see at runtime that the grid itself is selected, but the first row
is not selected or enabled for entry.  I only get beeps when I try to
enter data or tab.  I have tried fiddling with the ReadOnly property of
the grid and the buffering, but it doesn't affect this situation.  What
am I missing?  I will appreciate any and all help!

Thanks in advance,



1. *FP2.6a APPEND BLANK does not append

In an application, I defined Ctrl-N as APPEND BLANK. My problem is
that, when Ctrl-N is issued from a BROWSE of a completely empty table,
it will append a record to the table but it will not show it in the
BROWSE. If the table already contains at least one record, the empty
record appended by Ctrl-N shows.

This means that users which start from a set of empty tables must open
the BROWSE window through the application's menus, issue Ctrl-N, close
the window with Ctrl-W and reopen it through the menu again. Then the
first empty record will show.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Benoit Gauthier, Reseau Circum/Circum Network
Hull, Quebec


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