D3 AIX Restoring Logical Volumes

D3 AIX Restoring Logical Volumes

Post by Simon Goug » Wed, 07 May 2003 23:25:40

Can anyone tell me the secret to restoring a D3 system from an AIX Logical

I need to be able to restore a complete system on to another machine from
copies of the original which have been backed up using dd to copy the LV's
to tape. I've got a pretty good idea that I have the blocking parameters
right and I can restore the partitions. The problem is that when the system
runs I get some FCB0 errors when I try to execute a command. Has anyone any
idea what I've missed that's causing the FCB erros?

Simon Gough
Trilogy Computers


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We are installing a large Oracle 7.3.4 implementation on AIX 4.3.  If we
have some tables that are going to be 5 - 10 gb in size, we're wondering
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then mount the filesystems as multiple pieces?  Or is it better to
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We plan to stripe data across disks and mirror the data in a HACMP
cascading configuration.

I appreciate any insights on this.  Please send any replies to me

don't miss them.

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