Connections (pooling)

Connections (pooling)

Post by Uday Eyunn » Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:00:00


Here is the background on the application I am working on. For some
reasons, we need to keep the each user data in the different databases
(the schema of the database is the same.) I am using ASP and ADO to
access the databases. We might have around 70 users accessing the

What is the best way to connect the database handles and use them. As
the database is different for each user, I don't think I can rely on
connection pooling as the connection strings are different for different
users. The only way I can think of is by connecting n number of handles
and change the database dynamically at runtime to point to the user's
database and queue the query requests.

Any other suggestions?


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Can anyone give suggestions about this.

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