Moving app from ver 4 to ver 8

Moving app from ver 4 to ver 8

Post by Darryl Seve » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>I've inherited an old progress app written and running on a ver 4 server under
>Novell.  I've been asked what it would take to move the app to ver 8 running
>on an NT box.  Can anybody give me an idea of the difficulty of this task?  
>I've worked in Sybase but never Progress.  
>Tim Smith

It won't take much effort at all out side of the following areas.

1. Using non-Progress commands e.g. system calls for printing or using
C subroutines.

2. Some of the screen handlingj functions such as put which have
"changed" since V4.

These usually occur in tightly defined areas and so are easy to track
down. Everything else will probably run straight out of the box.


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