Lost paper booklet for CCBOOSTER (for dBASEIV)

Lost paper booklet for CCBOOSTER (for dBASEIV)

Post by Rich Si » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 14:54:00

I jsut got a short job that had already been developed usnig ccbooster
on dBASE IV. I cann not locate my orld pamplet on it. I still have all
the files on hard disk plus disks and  backups.  Still could not find
the pamphlet.  Does anyone have one?

1-215-672-4835 or e-mail


1. P8 loses custom paper size


First, an apology:

I posted a question about this, received responses, then had a
disk crash. Though I had recent backup tape it did not include
the responses. By the time I was up and running again I had lost
them, and they had scrolled off the forum. I am sorry for the
repeat request...

My problem is that I have a pin printer for labels. The labels
are 4" wide and 2" high. In P7 I had no problem whatever. In P8
(if it is newly launched) the label text prints properly but then
the printer scrolls down as if printing to an 11" page.

Here are the specifics:

In Settings | Printers, I confirm that the printer (an Epson
LQ570+) is set to custom size paper of 4" x 2". I then launch P8
and click:

File | Open | Report | Edit Design | Open | File | Page Setup | I
set Custom size to 4" x 2"
and then click OK.

I close Paradox, relaunch, and repeat the above steps but when
the page setup window opens the page size is no longer 4" x 2".
Instead, it is set to 8 1/2 x 11.

If I do not close Paradox once the custom paper size is set, but
instead just start printing labels, everything is fine, that is,
the printer "remembers" that the paper height is 2" nd prints

There is more to this however (and I suspect that it is related
to the problem I have described):

If I set the custom paper size as above and click OK I get back
to the design screen as I would expect, but at that point if I

| File | Page Setup | OK again,

I get the error "Objects are outside the margins or page width"
with the question about whether I wish to delete those objects.
Though clearly nothing is actually outside the boundaries (as
indicated by the fact that there was no error fired a moment
before when I did exactly the same thing) I have experimented
with this by clicking Yes (to delete the offending object).
Paradox keeps firing the error until everything on the report is

I apologize for all the detail, but this is really driving me

Thanks for any suggestions,


Please respond here, and also via email (after removing "SPAMLESS.")

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