bar code programming

bar code programming

Post by Glen W. Plan » Wed, 22 Jul 1992 07:43:29

I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who has had experience with
reading and printing Code 39 type of bar codes from Foxpro2.  Code 39 is used inthe Dept. of Defense.  I will be adding this capability to an inventory control
system I'm doing, and would like to know more details about what "Code 39" type of bar code actually means. ( format, etc ). I have not worked with bar codes
so I'm a Novice at this.  I have already read Jon Walker's excellent article in the April 92 issue of Foxtalk, but I'd like more in depth infomation on how the
different types of bar codes work, etc.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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1. Looking for a Bar Code Program for fpw2.6

Hi All,
        I am looking for a bar code program from a third party
vender that will print simple bar codes onto small labels from
foxpro2.6 for win.  Does anyone know where I can find a program
like this or buy it? I would like to use a regular printer and
not a thermal transfer printer to do bar codes.  Any help would
really be appreciated. Please E-mail me at the address above. Thanks
in advance.


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