Requesting info on RDA protocol / SQL access group

Requesting info on RDA protocol / SQL access group

Post by W. B. Ligon I » Sun, 22 Apr 1990 01:13:54

I ma looking for information on a standards group called the

SQL Access Group

and a proposed standard, the

Remote Data Access protocol.

Is anyone aware of this group or this protocol.  I am looking for
a way to contact these folks, a list of members, somthing!
I am told RDA is somehow related to Ingress' GCA interface.

Any info out there?



Requesting info on RDA protocol / SQL access group

Post by Randy Smer » Tue, 24 Apr 1990 07:15:08

 >I am looking for information on a standards group called the
 >SQL Access Group

 The person you want to contact for information on the SQL Access Group
 is the Secretary of the Group:  Rick Stellwagen, NCR Corp., (619) 485-2309,

 >and a proposed standard, the
 >Remote Data Access protocol.

 The Chairman of ANSI X3H2.1 on RDA is:  Rich Gerhardt, General Motors,
                                         (313) 947-0572

 >Is anyone aware of this group or this protocol.  I am looking for ....

 Attached below is information that I have posted previously on RDA and the
 SQL Access Group.


 There are two efforts underway.  One concentrates on the protocol across
 the wire:  ISO OSI-RDA.  The other is dedicated to advancing ISO OSI-RDA as
 well as supplying the needed application interfaces: the SQL Access Group.

 Both efforts are described below.  I am active on the ANSI RDA committee
 (ANSI X3H2.1) as well as the SQL Access Group.


 First, there is an ISO standard being developed to address remote database
 access (RDA).  The RDA standard (9579 DP) is part of the OSI Reference
 Model and it resides in layer 7 (application layer).  The ANSI committee
 that takes US positions to the ISO RDA meetings is ANSI X3H2.1 (RDA).

 The purpose of the RDA standard is to solve the problem of remote hetero-
 geneous database access.  RDA is based on the client/server model of
 interaction.  As with the other OSI standards, RDA does not attempt to
 define application programming interfaces (API's).  Instead, it concen-
 trates on specifying the services, message formats, and protocols needed
 for this type of interoperation.

 The RDA standard is comprised of two logical parts:  Generic RDA and RDA
 Specializations.  The Generic RDA standard specifies the operations and
 behaviors that are applicable to virtually all database languages (open
 resource, close resource, execute DBL, etc).  RDA Specializations then
 further clarify the operations and behaviors for a specific database
 language.  Currently, there is only one RDA Specialization being actively
 developed and it is the SQL Specialization.  However, work may have started
 on an ISO IRDS Specialization as well.  The committee that I work on han-
 dles both Generic RDA and the SQL Specialization.

 The SQL Access Group

 The SQL Access Group is dedicated to advancing the SQL2 and RDA standards
 as quickly as possible, i.e.  to accelerate the work being done in the
 standards bodies (ANSI and ISO) with respect to remote SQL processing. Its
 goal is to have working prototypes, interoperability demonstrations, and
 specifications that include both standards.

 There are two technical groups within SQL Access.  The API group (Applica-
 tion Programming Interfaces) is concerned with the changes that are needed
 to the SQL database language in order to support remote SQL access.  This
 group drives needed changes through the ANSI SQL committee.  The FAP group
 (Formats and Protocols) works on the communication issues. The FAP group
 concentrates on advancing the work being done in the OSI RDA (Remote Data-
 base Access) committee.


 | NCR Corp., MS 9140, 16550 W. Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA 92127 |


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      Can anyone tell me where I can find the protocol
      specifications for Remote Data Access (RDA)?

      Also, if you have any info on vendors who will
      support or is currently supporting this specifications,
      I would be very interested in  knowing.

      Thanks in advance.

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