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Post by Indu Nav » Sat, 23 Jul 1994 08:05:13

I have just started working and my company is trying to be a Power Mac
organization and I am supposed to choose a database package which is
portable to Mac, PC and UNIX environment.

I was thinking about Powerbuildler or Gupta SQL windows which don't have
Mac versions till I don't know when.

If you can help me on this it will be great...


 Indu Navar                                    
 California State University, Chico


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I am using SQL Server 7.0 with VC.
I am accessing Datetime field in the server using:
RsITEM(rs,x) rs->Fields->Item[_variant_t(x)]->Value
Can I convert this this Datetime field (converted to _variant_t) to
time_t ?
I would appreciate a code example

Thanks for your time

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