any cqcs resources out there?

any cqcs resources out there?

Post by Chris Zano » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00

just looking to find any resources on the net for *science cqcs vcq
or vcs.  certainly there are others using it.  I'm especially interested
to find anyone doing MORE than just report writing.  They don't have a
web page do they? or even a mailing list?

thanks in advance

Chris Zanoni

"When in doubt, lead with trump"


1. CQCS 4th GL

Sheesh whats with these guys?  No web resources - no mailing list - no
usenet interest...  If you're lookin to get more info on CQCS stop by
my CQCS page - Right now its in the infant stage while I  see if
there's any interest.  

BTW  CQCS is the 4th GL put out by Cyberscience Corp.  Runs on many
UNIX flavors, DOS,  WINBLOWS, and AOS/VS Its fast, and supports a ton
of DB's  - a little quirky, but what isn't.

Chris Zanoni

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