library budget/serials management with Inmagic

library budget/serials management with Inmagic

Post by o1_dsel.. » Mon, 03 Apr 1995 05:00:00

I need some advice on how to use the serman database on inmagic to keep
track of library subscription costs.  What is the best way to track costs
for upkeep for publications that receive several updates and invoices in
one year?  Also how should I integrate publication costs for new purchases
of non-subscription publications with my subscriptions so that I have an
accurate account of what is purchased in a given year.  Should these new
purchases be placed in a separate database or should I incorporate them
into the Serman database?  Any suggestions, citations to articles etc.
would be greatly appreciated!  I have inmagic plus 7.2, Multiadaptor,
Marcadaptor, Library Guide and Searchmaster.

Please respond directly to me as I am not a member of this group.


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