BTrieve & Q+E MultiLink/VB -- URGENT

BTrieve & Q+E MultiLink/VB -- URGENT

Post by Calvin » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 00:55:24

HELP!! SOS!!! Save MY Soul!!!!
I am trying to configure Q+E to access BTrieve database.
However, when configuring the Btrieve driver, the Window Manager
reports that it cannot locate the file WDDLSVCS.DLL.

ANyone know where I can locate this file???
I am having the impression that BTrieve should provide the
appropraite library, in particular WDDLSVCS.DLL

Many thanks to any help that I get.  DO reply TODAY (23 Mar 94),
and mail me direct!!

Calvin Ng Weng-Wah,

PS:  What am I doing here?? I'm not a VB programmer!!

[BTW]  Could WDDLSVCS.DLL means Window DDL SerViCeS dynamic library??
       Just Wondering......


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