Inverted Indexes with volatile data?

Inverted Indexes with volatile data?

Post by Bob Zigo » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have created several systems capable of searching text
databases using boolean expressions and keywords. I typically
use an N'th order btree to organize the keywords. Then each
node associated with each keyword has a pointer to
an inverted index.

This works wonderfully well. However, the environment was
such that the data was relatively static.

Now I need the same capabilities and a different organization
for the inverted index. People will be adding records every
couple minutes to the db. I need to isolate every word
and stuff it into the btree and then update the inverted index.

The problem is that the pointer data in the inverted index for
a given keyword can no longer be guaranteed to be contiguous.
I have tried a linked list approach but the results are proportional
to the length of the list.

Does anyone have any *practical* experience with Inverted
Indexes in an environment where the data is relatively


Bob Zigon