Importing pictures into VFP: recommendations for a digital camera

Importing pictures into VFP: recommendations for a digital camera

Post by Ben Hambidg » Wed, 22 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I want to add a feature into my application whereby a picture of a
person can be taken using a digital camera, and have that photo directly
added to the appropriate record, without having to mess about with
several other applications, saving the file somewhere, and then
importing it into the record.

Can anyone recommend a camera that includes some sort of API in its
interface that would allow me to do this, or even some general purpose
software that would help?

I guess one issue would be how to crop the picture where necessary. Does
anyone have any experience of these issues?

Ben Hambidge


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Hello and thank you for reading my posting!

I am really glad for each assistance concerning my problem. The
situation is the following: We created a stock management for a
customer (Oracle forms 6i). The customer can define the search criteria
over a mask and receives then all specification to the product
(availability, stock, special features, etc.). Now these information is
to be completed by a picture of the product (picture import by digital
camera or scanner). For the moment we implemented a solution using
TWAIN (eztwain.dll).

We are testing on a Windows 2000 Machine (digital camera: DC5000 from
Kodak, scanner: HP 6530). During the tests we had the following

- If both USB devices were attached, only one or none could be used
(bug in Windows 2000?)
- After clicking on the picture acquire button one must click through
different configuration screens of the Kodak software, until one can
shoot the picture
- The transfer of the picture requires (despite USB) a very long time
- By importing the picture into the Oracle application we encountered a
noticeable degradation of the picture quality (display format JIFF,
compression NONE).

Is there someone, who successfully solved the same (or a similar)
situation? If yes, how? With TWAIN or without? Which hardware is used?
We should present a working solution within the next days...thus:
please, please, help us, if you can! THANKS!

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