ADO code generated recordset and binding to form controls

ADO code generated recordset and binding to form controls

Post by Shirley Lander » Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I have a recordset generated totally in code.  I want to bind the data to
objects on a form.  I don't want to bind each textbox and combobox manually
in code (too many of them!). Don't want to use only datacontrols - too much
overhead and performance loss with each datacontrol making it's own
connections etc.

I am feeding the coded recordset to a datacontrol which then handles binding
to the form controls.  I am feeding the recordset to the data control by
setting (in code for run time) the datacontrol's recordsource property to my
code recordset.

adodc1.recordsource = rs1

From the books and help etc.  it looks like this should work.  It only kinda
works for me.  Labels and textboxes do correctly populate their data, but my
comboboxes are empty.

Any help?


1. Calculated controls in Access Form bound to ADO recordset

I can't get calculated controls to work with Access 2002 when the form is
bound to and ADO recordset.

For example a textbox with ControlSource =Sum([OrderQty]) where  [OrderQty]
is a field in the form recordset
*     works OK if the form is bound to an identical recordset from an Access
query and shows the total OrderQty
*    always give #Error if form is bound to an ADO recordset




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