viewing a table in pdox4.0 according to secondary index

viewing a table in pdox4.0 according to secondary index

Post by shailesh.bho » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 01:29:09


I had asked for help earlier but since nobody responded, I am
posting this again. I have an application written in PAL 4.0.

I want to view records in a table by the secondary index. I have
tried using the "LOCATE INDEXORDER" command. It finds the first
record correctly but thereafter doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas why? Is this a bug in 4.0 that got fixed in 4.02?


                                        shailesh bhobe
                                        (708) 979-7101


1. Pdox4.5 Secondary indexes

While viewing a table with many fields, each time a Alt+S (OrderTable)
is performed on a different field of that table, a secondary index for
that field is created resulting in a .X? and .Y? being created. Is
there a way to make these indexes "temporary" ie just effective for
the viewing period so that these indexes need not be maintained after
the viewing?

Thanks, take care.
Sunil Pillai

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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