criteria for Copy management tools / ETL-tools

criteria for Copy management tools / ETL-tools

Post by Pim Wenneke » Wed, 28 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Dear friends,

Considering the prices of copy management tools (CM-tools) AKA ETL-tools
from f.i. ETI, Prism and the like, I would like te have some criteria
upon which I can make my selection.

So far I came up with the following minimum functionalities:
- Extraction/replication of data from the databases from the
- Filtering en cleansing of the extracted data;
- Consolidation of the data;
- moving the data to the targetsystems;
- loading the data into targetdatabase;
- All these processes must be scheduled.

- price;
- user-friendliness;
- technical openess (databases, platforms, BI-tools)

I found some info at

Am I missing functions, are there any other criteria I should use?


Pim Wennekes


1. US-CA-South SF Bay-Tools Architect/Dev Tools/Object Component Tools/UI/Test Tools-Startup

My client is a small South SF Bay startup developing next generation
database quesry technology. The company was started in mid-96 and has
between 15 and 20 employees. Backed by a combination of private and
venture funding, this company was founded by some of the sharpest minds in
the database world.

At this time I have been asked to locate a TOOLS ARCHITECT to drive their
tools strategy and vision. This is a person that will be quite senior and
must be experienced leading people as a hands-on architect. All
development will be in C++ on Solaris, so those skills are required.

What they need is someone to come in and be the point person for the
development of three layers of tools:

1. The development environment tools (debugger, optimizer, mapper, etc.)
are the lowest level.

2. The Component level is just above the dev. environment. This will
involve development of tools that will combine objects, define their
relationships, and spit out the program.

3. The User level - this will involve the development of tools for
testing, error correction, etc. These are tools that basically look at the
application at the UI level and test all posible permutations of
navigation, all the while finding bugs and allowing for their correction.

If you are interested in a near ground-floor startup opportunity and the
chance to join a company where not only will your talents be
recognized/utilized, but you will also be able to see an immediate impact
of your efforts on the direction of the company, then this could be it.

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