Unencrypted password and username in ODBC-Connection-String

Unencrypted password and username in ODBC-Connection-String

Post by Hans-Jürgen Beli » Tue, 21 May 2002 01:30:55


has anybody a solution how to solve the problem that via ODBC
connection string password and username can be obtained unencryptedly?

I have an idea of encrypting my database by programcode with visual
foxpro. But it is too slow. So I try to use assembler-code. But Visual
Foxpro seems to have no more ability to run machinecode. Does calling
through DLL to Visual C++ using inline assembler bring speed

Please, if you ever handled the ODBC connection string problem let me
know how. I am using MySQL Database Server under LINUX (SuSE).




1. Trusted connections over network with matched username and password


Please can someone tell me under what circumstances trusted connections work
over a network when the machines have matched usernames and passwords (i.e.
they are not in the same domain).

I want to have a trusted connection from an app server to a SQL cluster.
The cluster has to be in a domain, the app servers aren't in any domain.

I have tried setting up users in the SQL domain, or local to the SQL
servers, then using runas to test a UDL from a client, but continually get
the standard lack of a trusted connection message.
This all has to work over the TCP network library.

Any ideas?


James Talbut, MCSD, MCDBA. Head of Technology
CAST Systems Limited, 2 Pembroke Avenue, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB5 9QR

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