FAXified interactive database (free!)

FAXified interactive database (free!)

Post by David Sta » Tue, 14 Jun 1994 13:00:19

May 6, 1994

Greetings Computer & Fax Users,

I would like to take this time to introduce you to latest advance in
information technology - interactive faxing.

Through FAXifieds(tm) advertising - You can get national exposure for as
little as .50 cents a day.

Reach thousands of computer users!

       Reach thousands of buyers of all types!!

           List your own ad for your services, many catagories to
           choose from!!

Sample catagories are computers, travel, wanted, for sale, business
opportunities...plus much more!

Also such interesting reading as how to receive a check via fax for your
services!  It is possible!

Also, a spectacular business opportunity is available if the idea of making
money via fax interest you!  It is truly incredible!

Check it out!  It is toll-free and no charge to access!

Dial 1-800-947-3650 from a touchtone phone, enter 054, then it will ask you
for your fax number.  After it hangs up, you will receive within minutes, a
complete listing and instructions on how to access the many thousands of
ads in the FAXified system!


1. sqlcourse.com - Free web based Interactive SQL Tutorial w/ Live Practice Database

For a Free SQL Tutorial w/ connectivity to a LIVE practice Database, go to
my new domain name:  http://sqlcourse.com

YOu can actually create your own tables, perform inserts, updates, deletes,
drops, selects, etc.

You'll be able to practice everything you learn on-line with immediate


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