BCP and Function Sequence Error

BCP and Function Sequence Error

Post by Rick Charne » Sat, 19 Apr 2003 06:29:12

Hi, I've read a number of past posts on this group about the infamous and
mysterious Function Sequence Error.  I wonder if anyone else has
experience with the error being generated when a MS SQL 2000 stored
procedure is executed by BCP's 'queryout' option.  The proc runs fine
under BCP on one server but the exact same proc bombs on another server
with BCP.  Interestingly, when you run the proc directly through Query
Analyzer, it always runs fine.  Thanks for any thoughts.

1. Function Sequence Error on BCP

I am using BCP to output some records but when I try to
output a certain amount of records I hit this message.
SQLState = S1010, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Function
sequence error

I am using a SELECT top x SQL statement and it works fine
until the number I want to output hits 49. I have looked
at the data and it looks ok.

the bcp line is
bcp "SELECT top 49 1 as ''Call Center'', Block, URN,
Start_Dialing, CountryCode as ''Country Code'', CLI,
Agent_ComputerName as ''Agent Computer Name'',
Reason_Code,  abs(datediff
(second,Start_Dialing,Start_Speaking)) as ''Dial
Duration'', abs(datediff
(second,Start_Speaking,End_Speaking)) as ''Talk
Duration'' , Agent_ID, CASE  when Record_Call = -999
then ''DEL''  when Record_Call = 0 then ''OFF'' when
Record_Call <= 0 then ''ON''  else ''OFF'' end as ''Voice
Recording'', Conference_Call as ''Remote Monitor ID'' FROM
activity_log WHERE (cleanup<>1) AND (DATEDIFF(DAY, Stamp,
GETDATE())>10)" queryout c:\Archive_1_19112001_1.txt -t , -
c -SServer -Uuser -Ppsw'

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