Clarion: Clarion to DBF/WK1/QB1/TXT conversion

Clarion: Clarion to DBF/WK1/QB1/TXT conversion

Post by John La » Mon, 02 Aug 1993 16:29:33

>    Hey Clarion gurus ... I have a program written in Clarion
>    but alas I do not have a way to convert the data files from
>    Clarion to dbase or quattro or ... format.  Does anyone
>    out there have a program to convert Clarion files?  


The Clarion module is called converter. No-one has ever bothered to write
anything in the public domain, because the Clarion license includes the
right to distribute converter with applications to do the conversion for

Go back to your app developer and ask for it. If there's a hassle email me
and we'll see what we can work out.


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