OpenIngres availability...

OpenIngres availability...

Post by Lee_Robert.. » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 19:12:10

     Just saying thanks to all who sent me information on the availability
     of OpenIngres. Much appreciated.



1. High Availability (HA) and OpenIngres

I had some problems trying to configure OpenIngres 1.2 on Solaris 2.5.1
with a HA software which guarantees the continuous working of the DBMS on
two server machines.
The two machines, let's say M1 and M2, share a disk storage array filled
with an OpenIngres installation, databases and Transaction Log on raw
To work properly with HA software, primary server M1 must be identified by
its name (and its natural IP address) plus a special name, let's say M1_HA,
associated with a special IP address (IP aliasing mechanism).
When primary server crashes, HA software gets from it the virtual name
M1_HA and its special IP address, and associates it to the network adapter
of the backup server, so that machine M2 is now identified by its real
name, M2, but also by the alias name M1_HA (and its IP).
During my test I installed an NFS client called C1 and I opened a dbms
connection with a 'sql M1_HA::dbname' statement . Then I stopped manually
OpenIngres server on machine M1, I associated the whole disk storage array
to M2 and I run 'ingstart' on it (since OpenIngres checks the phisical name
of the computer on which is going to be run, I had to substitute all the
'M1' strings  in 'M2' into the $II_CONFIG/config.dat file!!)
Obviously sql client application got a disconnection, so I tried to  run
again 'sql M1_HA::dbname' but reconnection was refused with an error:

INGRES TERMINAL MONITOR Copyright (c) 1981, 1991 Computer Associates Intl,
E_LC0001 GCA protocol service (GCA_REQUEST) failure.
    Internal service status E_GC0143 -- An installation password is being
    used for remote authentication, but the authentication ticket passed is
    not a valid one.  It may have expired prematurely due to internal

E_LQ0001 Failed to connect to DBMS session.

The followings are the questions I would answer.

1)  Every OpenIngres NFS client must refer to the server installation via
the alias name M1_HA, regardless if OpenIngres is running on M1 or M2
machine. How can I get a client NFS installed referring to the alias name
M1_HA instead of M1? Ingmknfs procedure reads the phisical name of its
server rather than its alias name and this behavior doesn't seem to be

2) To restore connection, in the $II_CONFIG/config.dat file I changed the

     ii.C1.gcn.remote_vnode:           M1


     ii.C1.gcn.remote_vnode:           M1_HA

but unsuccessfully.

3) Which are NETU Node Authorizations I have to guarantee?

4) I use an Installation password, and this seems to be the problem when I
try to re-open the connection with OpenIngres running on M2 server.

5) Can the client $II_GCNo2_PORT socket be related with reconnection

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