2nd CFP: Persistent Object Systems, 6th Int. Workshop

2nd CFP: Persistent Object Systems, 6th Int. Workshop

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         Sixth International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems

                          Call for Papers

    Papers Due:     1st April 1994
    Workshop:       5th-9th September 1994, Tarascon, Provence, France


The five preceding workshops in this series have all been very successful.
They were held in Appin, Scotland (in August 1985 and August 1987), in
Newcastle, Australia (in January 1989), Martha's Vineyard, USA (in August
1990) and in San Miniato, Italy (in August 1992).

The issue these workshops address is how best to support the implementation
of very long-lived systems. The challenges include:

o How to build stores that will hold large numbers of objects reliably for
  very long periods -- both hardware and software solutions are of interest;

o What languages enable good quality programs to be persistent and interact
  with data over very long periods;

o How to provide and support efficiently the combined language and store

o How to present and provide a full range of object store functions, such
  as concurrency, transactions and recovery;

o How to design applications that effectively exploit such persistent

o How to build, maintain and operate large persistent applications;

o How to measure and analyse the existing systems and experience in order
  to improve the quality of persistent software engineering;

o How independently developed object stores may inter-operate while
  continuing to develop independently.

Papers addressing these and closely related issues are invited.  We strongly
encourage papers which report experimental work and results.  Please
submit papers that are judged to be in presentable form though you may
wish to indicate that revised experimental results will be included in
the version for the preprints.  It is expected that papers will be
revised after the workshop to reflect the discussions.  Finished papers
should be approximately 10 pages in length.

Participation in the workshop will be limited to those who have had
papers accepted and those who show other evidence of contributing
actively to this research field.  Thus, the atmosphere should be kept
intimate and positive, so that the workshop itself stimulates thoughts
and research.

The format of the workshop will encourage everyone to participate actively
in discussions. Keynote discussions will be used to focus the debate onto
current research issues. The presented papers will be available to all
delegates at the workshop and the discussion is expected to lead to
improvement of the papers and a record of their interrelationships. The
developed papers will be published in the Springer-Verlag Workshops in
Computing series (this is currently subject to negotiation).


Papers should be submitted by           1st April 1994
Response to authors                     1st June  1994
Camera-Ready papers for pre-prints      1st July  1994

The workshop will start late afternoon  5th September 1994  
and will end by lunch-time on Friday    9th September 1994

It is intended that this should be early enough for those who wish to go to
VLDB in Chile.  

Location                France
========                ======

The hotel "Les Mazets des Roches" is settled in the heart of Provence,
three minutes from Tarascon. The address is: Route de Fontvieille, 13150
Tarascon, France. This country house stands in front of the hills Les
Alpilles near the picturesque village of Les Baux, 20 minutes from
Saint-Remy de Provence, Arles and the Camargue, 30 minutes from
Avignon, 40 minutes from Nimes.

Tarascon is a legendary place in France because of the famous novel by
Alphonse Daudet "Tartarin de Tarascon" and many other novels.


The local arrangements are in the hands of Veronique Benzaken and Anne Doucet.

The Programme Committee will be chaired by:
    Malcolm Atkinson    University of Glasgow, Scotland
    Veronique Benzaken  Universite de Paris I, France
    David Maier         Oregon Graduate Institute, Portland, USA

They will be responsible for editing the proceedings.

Programme Committee
========= =========

Antonio Albano          Universita di Pisa, Italy
Sonia Berman            University of Cape Town, South Africa
Alfred Brown            University of Adelaide, Australia
Peter Buneman           University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Sophie Cluet            INRIA, Rocquencourt, France
Paul*shott          University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Richard Connor          University of St Andrews, Scotland
Richard Cooper          University of Glasgow, Scotland
Claude Delobel          O2 Technology, Versailles & Universite de Paris XI,
Peter Gray              University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Rick Hull               Universities of Colorado and Southern California, USA
Keith Jeffery           RAL, Abingdon, England
Barbara Liskov          MIT, Cambridge, USA
Florian Matthes         Universitaet Hamburg, Germany
Ken Moody               University of Cambridge, England
Ron Morrison            University of St Andrews, Scotland
Atsushi Ohori           University of Kyoto, Japan
Tamer Ozsu              University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Paul Philbrow           University of Glasgow, Scotland
Fausto Rabitti          IEI, Pisa, Italy
John Rosenberg          University of Sydney, Australia
Dave Stemple            University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
Fernando Velez          Colombia
Stan Zdonik             Brown University, Providence, USA

More Information
==== ===========
More information can be obtained from Malcolm Atkinson