Microsoft Style guide and Metaphors

Microsoft Style guide and Metaphors

Post by Bryan Nippe » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Does this refer to the guide that comes with Visual Basic? (Visual Design
guide).  I have a pretty clear grasp on it, but am just checking to see if the
style guide refers to something else as well.

PS. I also have a pretty good idea on metaphors, but would someone verify by
posting what their definition is? (in relation to user interfaces, multimedia).

This certainly relates to Foxpro in the User interfaces are vital to a
program's success.

Thanks alot for any help!!!


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1. Error message style guide

I agree with this, but I believe the detail should really include
quite a lot of detail: the file and line number where the error
occurred, the error number returned by the syscall (if a syscall is
involved), parameters to the function that failed, and so forth.  In
essence, I think enough detail should be included to make it possible
to determine exactly what went wrong and, hopefully, why it went
wrong.  This stuff might not be terribly useful to the end user, but
it'll be of great use to a knowledgeable administrator (one of my pet
peeves is software that doesn't tell you why something failed, only
that it did).


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