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i highly recommend this for people that use foxpro's program editor.  
it's freeware.  i found it on under /pub/foxpro.  it's
excellent it's got auto matic keyword expansion that you can configure
yourself.  for example i can type repl and it will autocorrect to replace
you can do full code blocks the same way.  you can also comment whole
sections of code and indent whole sections of code.  i know this has
probably been posted before but i am so happy i've found this.  i've been
doing foxpro for 3 years and never heard of anything like this.

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1. COB Editor Extensions (Excellent!)

I just received the latest issue of "Foxtalk," and this month they
included the COB Editor Extensions, which adds a lot of functionality
to the somewhat anemic Foxpro editor.

One of the coolest features is the macro expansion.  For example, lets
say you're working on a project, named FOOPROJ.  You can set up a macro,
such as MPF, that will expand to "Modify Project FOOPROJ" whenever "MPF "
is typed in an editing window (such as Command).   It comes with quite
a few macros alread installed, such as IFF, which prompts you for a
logical expression, such as !EMPTY(lcFName), and then creates the
following code (with the cursor on the second line) :

IF !empty(lcFname)
ENDIF  && !empty(lcFName)

It also allows you to "comment out" a block of text with a hot-key, and
it will also pull up a list of all functions in a program.  It will do
several other things, such as popping up the structure of a table (useful
when coding SQL-SELECTS or BROWSES).

It is freeware.  I'm not sure if it available via ftp, but if there is any
interest I will put it on wuarchive or somewhere similar.  (Any suggestions
on an appropriate site?)

Once again, I'm really impressed.  This ranks right up there with Jkey as
far as usefulness!  

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