Connect error

Connect error

Post by Joe Trubi » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00


I just installed OpenIngres on NT w/patch 4015. I can ingstart
the system then type iinamu and obtain: II\INGRES\a9

Then, I attempt: iimonitor a9
and get the message:
GCA_REQUEST feild to connect to with error = 000C0021
IIMONITOR: E_GC0021_NO-PARTNER: Requested association partner is unavailable.

Does anyone know what this means in plain english?



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My sql server is in a Compaq dl380. except for the SQL Server computer, the
other computers i am trying to connect from have 2 network cards. but only
one is being used, others are disabled. All the machines have public ips. I
can ping each other, access each other[map drives etc..etc..] but when i try
to create a ODBC connection it does not connect to the sql server machine.
It gives General Network Error. I have tried named pipes as well as TCP/IP ,
both the same.

Its werid, cause i can access that machine via network normaly. but odbc
says it can't connect. Port and all is default.

Errors i get is something like this

SQLState : 01000
SQL Server Error : 10061 //Host files must contain at least one column: bcp.
SQLState : 08001
SQL Server Error : 11

Any ideas about this error?


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