can't read from file after creating index...

can't read from file after creating index...

Post by kcrok » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 02:07:26

This problem has come up a few times on our universe system.  When
creating an index on a file, some records in the indexed file become
inaccessable.  These records cannot be editted or read from a program.

These indexes are very important and I want to keep them.  Any
suggestions?  Has anyone else run into this?  It seems to me and our
other programmer to be a bug in universe.  This doesn't happen all the
time and we can't consistantly reproduce the error.

I think the problem may only happen when the index is built, and if it
builds fine then there will be nothing wrong with the file.  I cannot
confirm this becuase the problem only occurs on our live system.  I
haven't been able to reproduce the problem.

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*** Major bug with AIX and Universe 9.5 *** (INDEXED FILES)

I have a "txt" file that I'm reading that I'm parsing out fields to
write to a PICK file, and previously I used the "BSCAN" command which
locked up my PC, due to the fact their is locking going on with
INDEXED Files. (IBM is working on the problem).  I changed my program
to SELECTINDEX, and it works to a degree my problem is that on record
types that are different its not working properly.

My logic reads the record from a file called "CDIIN", and I do a
DCOUNT using the FM.  I'm using the following for SELECTINDEX:
(I already created my index, and built my index)


:          END ELSE
:             POCDH.REC = ""
:          END
:       END ELSE
:          POCDH.REC = ''
:       END

Its having problems with the 2nd record with type "DE" and also "PO".
See example of the data ids.  Any suggestions?


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