A question about First Choice database program

A question about First Choice database program

Post by KSiddi12 » Mon, 08 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have been using First Choice database program for many years.
One of my folders has about 2000 records. For some reason now whenever I
try to retrieve one particular record the message comes" Database error: -3
Escape to cancel". I do not know how to correct this problem. If I try to
retrieve a group of records this again happens if this particular record is
a part of the whole record that I am trying to retrieve. It took me many
years to make this database. I would be thankful if somebody would post me
any suggestions to my e-mail address rather than to the newsgroup.

Also I would like to transfer this folder to Works database program if it
is possible to do so.

I would like to speak with somebody from First Choice  but I do not have
their address or phone number.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Khalid R.Siddiqui, MD


1. Questions on my first DLL program

Thanks to those of you who have helped me so far in writing my first DLL
for ParadoxWin(4.5), but there is still some conceptual stuff that I'm not

clear on.  (Perhaps this should be in comp.lang.c, but this group has been
much more helpful and might better understand my C/Paradox plight)).
    I think I've got the DLL call in Paradox set up correctly, but the C
side is still getting me.  Actually I'm converting a C for DOS (Borland)
I wrote a few years back to C for Windows(Borland) so I can create a DLL.

1)    Since the DLL is not executable, is it OK to write it an an exe,
    convert the results to a DLL?  If not, how do you test the program as
    are writing it?

2)    Can I safely assume that variables used in the DLL call will return
     If not, how do I update these variables?

3)    Is there any problem passing arrays to or from DLLs?

These seem like silly questions, but I'm having a hard time figuring what
to do

    A kindly tip of the hat for any assistance,   ...ADAM

Adam Jones
Indianapolis, Indiana

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