query problem

query problem

Post by David Dickaso » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 08:24:22


I have a VB6 application that accesses a very large SQL Server 7.0
table. The VB app is using ADO to connect to the data source and then
returning the results to populate an array.  Some queries return all
zeros when data exists in the SQL Server table with one caveat:  the
query returns data when it is run on a faster (vs. slower machine) or
the query itself is shorter.  I assume it is some timing issue but I
don't seem to be getting any error messages, sometimes just a table with
all zeros.  Any help would be appeciated.


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I have the following query stored in an Access database:

"SELECT DISTINCTROW Task.TaskName, Last(ToDo.ToDoHours) AS
FROM (Task INNER JOIN SubTask ON Task.TaskId =
SubTask.SubTaskParentId) INNER JOIN ToDo ON SubTask.SubTaskId =
GROUP BY Task.TaskName;"

I am having real problems recreating this in SQL because it does not
recognize the 'LAST' keyword.

Can anyone help me out of this confusion?

Many thanks


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