US-CA Pick Universe SB+

US-CA Pick Universe SB+

Post by Catamount Grou » Wed, 23 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Catamount Group is currently extensively recruiting for Pick/Universe and
(preferably) SB+ programmer/analysts for permanent placement in California
(both northern and southern).  A minimum of 3 years experience required for
these top-notch opportunities.  Salary levels commensurate with experience.
Please send resume ASAP to:

Pick Universe CA


1. sb+ on Universe running on a Unix Platform to SB+ on Universe on a NT Platform


I have been asked by a charity group to move their current hire system from
a third party computer centre onto their own inhouse system. The problem I
have, is the current system is on a unix box and the new system is running
on NT.

If any one could please give me advise or options available, I would be
very thankful for any assistance.


Jamie Wilbraham
Perth Western Australia

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