Creating a subset database file

Creating a subset database file

Post by Seiy » Fri, 30 Nov 2001 03:22:42

Suppose I would like to create a new mdb file copying from another mdb file,
but only some set of rows of the table in it. Do I need to read each row and
write to another file, or can I move the whole rows in one action?
Thank you,



1. Calculated subtotal of a subset of a subset in a file

I'm trying to get a calculated subtotal of a subset of a subset in a file to
appear in a calculated field.

Trades (file) (500 records)
    Account Number (text field) (50 records)
        Ticker (text field) (5 records)
            Net (number field) (5 records)

                looking for sum of 'Net' for those 5 records

Would like to have a calculated field display the sum total of the field
'Net' for all instances of a given stock in a given account.

Any ideas ???

Thanks, Scott

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