3rd party libraries for Clipper

3rd party libraries for Clipper

Post by Douglas R Kli » Fri, 06 Mar 1992 08:02:56

I am interested in 3rd party libraries for Clipper.

I am willing to collate data on them.

Please send me: The library name & Company
                Your value to library cost ratio
                Personal gripes
                Personal opinions
                appropriate rumors

I will collect the data until March 20 and post a summary the following

Thank you.



3rd party libraries for Clipper

Post by Steven W. Macbe » Fri, 06 Mar 1992 10:56:45

The June 1991 issue of Databased Advisor has a full list of all Clipper
Libraries and add ons.

Steven W. Macbeth
Macbeth Development Corp.

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Hi Clipper Experts,

We are currently looking into adding a dictionary to one of our
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My question is:  Are there any third party products that will allow
such features?  If so what are they?   Also, if there are some, are there
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